Your Smart Partner

In Security and Automation Systems

Itrust Systems brigs over a 9 years of experience providing advanced security system and Home Automation. Combination of best and advanced designs with dedicated customer service gives our clients piece of mind.

Home Automation System

Home Automation System or villa automation system includes Lighting Control, AC, Sound Systems, window curtain and Camera control in a single application . You can consume 30% off your power consumption by proper usage , which makes Home Automation is green

Office Automation

Office automation will brings a perfect ambiance by lighting and temperature control also the security systems. You setup best meeting room by integrating you projector, screen into smart system. Also you can schedule which mode is required for each time .

Hotel Automation

Ambiance of the room, sound system, lighting of each customer will deffer from the other. Easy customization feature of our automation system brings more good review to your business. Also we have a centralized room service panel makes customer more comfortable.

Lighting Control

Smart Home can make a green and Elegant lighting by smart lighting control. Lighting control feature can control On/OFF. also you can change lighting ambiance by Dimming, Customized color in easy manner by using your smart phone or smart switch