Security Camera and Surveillance System for Business

10 Tips about Security Camera and Surveillance System for Business

Closed Circuit Television cameras commonly known as CCTV cameras are basic component of camera surveillance system. This invention of Marie Brown produces images and video recordings for surveillance purposes. Technological enhancements have made the product more worthy now by adding the ability to record audio in its feature list. Read more..

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In today’s world, security can be both a physical barrier and a psychological deterrent. We believe in taking our security solutions one step further by harnessing this deterrent to maximum effect…

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With a very nice web interface you can track your car whether you was in the office or at home on real time basis also you can playback your vehicle historical data as well and generate deferential kind of report….

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Home Automation System includes Lighting Control, AC, Sound Systems, window curtain and Camera control in a single application, You can consume 30% off your power consumption by proper usage.

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Why choose I-Trust Systems as your CCTV camera suppliers in Dubai?

When you combine great service, high quality equipment, and a great price we have the recipe for a great system and experience in all types of CCTV and security system installation.

2 Year Warranty on all equipment

Free consultation

Lifetime tech support

No monthly fees

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The I-Trust Systems goes beyond traditional access control, enforcing business policy, allowing you to manage multiple access, licenses and competences for cardholders and ensuring your …..

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Powerful optical fingerprint reader which will read fingers with more then 70% accuracy.This is one of the most reliable and demanding system in market. A a software with most easiest interface for free….

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I-Trust Systems has full time dedicated Audio/ Video engineers to full fill your dream sound system inside your Business or Home. We cover most flexible sound system which complete your requirement…

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Quality Guaranteed with Affordable Prices

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