Tripod turnstile are one of the majorly used turnstile consist of three arms which gives effective and best flow control at entrances of government, administrative buildings, enterprises, Intelligent Building and institutions, residential areas, company offices, scenic area venues, colleges, university campuses kindergartens, amusement parks, station and Fitness Centers. I-Trust Systems supply wide Range of tripod turnstiles of Waist height across the UAE. Strong and powerful Turnstile can use for both indoor and outdoor application

  • Airports
  • Amusement Parks
  • Schools
  • Libraries
  • Museums and Archives
  • Shopping Centers

Emergency unlocking of device during a fire, power cut or other critical situation perform by a dedicated Fire alarm control unit. We can customize this control unite by trigger from fire alarm relay or an emergency switch, during this cases turnstile performs emergency folding of barrier arms according to signal received to the control unit.

Tripod turnstile consists of controller unit which is protected inside the housing unite.
If passenger has the access relay inside the turnstile will trigger and arm will rotate one step then it will return to the home position by self-centering mechanism. A built-in hydraulic damper makes the turnstile operation smooth and quiet.

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