GPS Tracker Vehicle Tracking Systems Rabito from I-Trust Systems

GPS Tracker Vehicle Tracking Systems Rabito

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Regardless of whether you’ve looked into other trackers in the past, or if this is the first tracker you have come across,GPS vehicle tracker can’t help but exceed your expectations.
WeTrack2 GPS vehicle tracker is manufactured to meet the need of electromobiles and motorcycles. It is equipped with highly reliable electric circuit design and complies with electronic industry standard, providing functions such as SOS, fuel cutoff, electricity failure, geo-fence function, over speed warning, historical data upload, under different circumstances.
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Product Description

GPS Tracker Vehicle Tracking Systems Rabito

  • Real-Time Tracking

You can track your car at any time via the mobile application or web interface.No sync time or interval between the real location of your car and the monitor location on your screen.This device uses GSM And GPS Technology to keep you updated about your vehicle locations.

  • Built-in On/Off Power Switch

You can switch on or off the device without disconnecting the device from battery power.

  • Built-in  acceleration sensor for vibration alarm

In case of accidents, the device will alarm you by SMS text message or an alarm signal on your PC monitor or on your smart phone APP.

  • Low Battery Alarm

A built-in rechargeable battery  to keep the device working if the car is off. When the level of the battery power goes down,an alarm on your smart phone APP or an SMS will be sent by the device.

  • Support ACC detection

With a special relay, you can connect your ACC switch to the device so the device will be triggered every time you turn on or off your car engine and an SMS or alarm will  be sent to your preferred method.

  • Wide Voltage Input Range

No matter if your car battery voltage is 12v or 24v , with the Multi-functional Vehicle Tracker you won’t need  any voltage converter.

  • Tele-cut off (petrol / electricity) function

As an additional accessories petrol bump relay to use in case you need to switch off your car remotely or in case your car being stolen

  • SOS alarm

In case of emergency,an  alarm button connected to the device will send notifications to the owner or the operator of the device that there is something wrong about the vehicle .

  • Voice monitor

Multi-functional Vehicle Tracker has one more accessory; it is a mini microphone trough which you will be able to hear all the conversations in your car.

  • Geo-fence function

No need to worry about your car being stolen ,because the minute your car is moved out of the Geo-fence, the alarm will start and you can track your car through the platforms.

  • Check location via platform

A very flexible platform for both Desktop PC or Smart phone or any kind of tablet, you can monitor your car and generate any report about car gas consuming, idle stopping time, switch on/off the engine, historical data, over speed alarm, real time monitoring, Geo-fence alarm, and many more…

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Warranty of Multi-functional Vehicle Tracker GT06N

1. All products have been strictly Quality Checked in house before packing.
2. All products have been well packed before shipping.
3. One year warranty is provided for all models.We will bear maintenance cost during warranty.

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