Personal GPS Tracker

Personal GPS tracker are mini gps tracker specifically designed for the safety and security needs of loved ones, vulnerable individuals and lone workers. Simply turned on, GT300 runs itself with its 1200mA battery. With these special groups carrying the GT300 you can be alerted when they leave an area of safety, monitor their exact location, and even talk with them in real time

Personal GPS tracker phones by I-Trust Systems
personal gps tracking system for kids

GPS Tracker Phone For KIDS

Personal GPS tracker phone for kids is designed to keep track of your kids using a blend of GPS and GSM technology. Simply by SMS and anywhere access to web, parents can check their child’s location and create “safe” zones that will alert parents if the kids leaves these areas


Safety Card Phone is a modern student ID card, acting as a phone, with GPS and RFID function that allows parents and teachers to keep track of their students/children. It is a combination of both  affordable cell phones and wireless GPS tracking devices to students.

personal gps tracking system with Safety Card Phone for students
Senior's GPS tracking phone


GPS Personal tracker Phone for Senior aims to help the senior live in a more convenient and safe way. It’s big button and screen makes the most simple user-friendly design and best personal gps tracker for elderly.  If In case of emergency, the SOS button would alert the families and give instant present location.