GPS Tracker for Small and Medium Sized Businesses


I-Trust Systems offers an efficient, effective vehicle tracking system for managing your business fleet. GPS Tracker Devices deliver real time information on the location, activity and mobile inventory of your vehicles to improve business performance and customer service. I-Trust Systems vehicle tracking devices also provide valuable protections in the event of vehicle theft and recovery.

Main Features Installation & Warranty

We guaranteed the quality of our product and you can use the facility of our control center to track your cars or getting any explanation about your vehicle gps signal and how to increase the benefits of our devices.
Now only with I-Trust Systems Platform you can track your cars using your smart phone, with our mobile application you will get live notification for over-speed cars, stooped car or idle cars, time and report and playback as well for the car movement history.
If you have trouble in any of your cars or drivers, now you can cut-off the car power remotely in one click in your platform, it is easy and worthy especially for rent car companies for better control for those who has difficulties in payments.
Do you know that fixing gps tracker in your car of vehicles will reduce the fuel consumption by 30% minimum!! YES by controlling your company cars path and reducing unnecessary road path and stop point you can do it easily, UPS did it long time ago, you can start now.
If you have fleet of cars or distribution company here is the best way to manage and control your cars movement by using GEO fence feature you will be able to design distribution point on the map and you will get notification once your cars deliver any material inside these points.
Once you buy the device there is no other fees or hidden charges for one year
You will get real time notification on your mobile every time the car speed above the limit witches you assigned before.
This System is following the complete way tracking system of google map, which is created by best vector analysts. This way tracking system can track minor curves, turnings..etc


Reduce Fuel Usage & Idling

Find out how our GPS Tracking System can reduce fuel usage in your fleet by as much as 20%. All of these and more.

Improve Fleet Performance

Improve driving behavior. Quickly identify the closest vehicle to customer locations. “I-Trust” streamlines your fleet.

Increase Driver Safety

Monitor unsafe behavior such as speeding. We give you tools to improve performance and reduce liability risk.

Deliver Better Service

respond to customers faster and improve service times. Use GPS tracking to serve more customers.

Improve driver productivity

Save the planet, go Green

What I-Trust Systems Brings to the Table

Accurate GPS Tracking

See the location of each of your trucks in real-time on your computer or mobile device.

Fuel Savings

Reduce fuel consumption by up to 30%*. Cut engine idling, improve driver behavior and optimize truck routing.

Reduce Labor Costs

Average overtime reduced by 15%*. Cut driver downtime and increase fleet productivity.

Job Dispatch Management

Routing, communication, and proof of delivery in on application

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Why Choose I-Trust Systems’s GPS Tracker

  • More Than 2900 Happy Clients Since 2006
  • Qualified Engineers Dedicated To I-Trust Systems
  • Time-zone based with multi-language options
  • KML export to Google earth
  • Multi-map support
  • Support and Control Center
  • Yearly, Monthly Management Contract
  • Flexible Payment Plan for Companies

How GPS Vehicle Tracking Can Improve Your Business


Create Zones with Enter and Exit Notification.


Up to 60 Days playback movement history.


Be Alerted When your Vehicle Exceeds the Speed.


Panic button, Vibration Alert, Driver Identification.


Our devices updates location every 10 seconds.

Track Your Truck Benefits Your Entire Management Team

1- Dispatchers who manage vehicle destinations.
2- Business owners seeking operational control.
3- Managers directing “on time” performance.
4- Crisis management and communications.

Give us a call! We will match your business needs with the right system, so that you can manage your business, your time and your job performance with a reliable system that you can trust.

How it is Wok

With a very nice web interface you can track your car whether you was in the office or at home on real time basis also you can playback your vehicle historical data as well and generate deferent kind of report by this gps tracker

High End Smart Phone Application

Our GPS tracker has fantastic APP was built to make your tracking experience extraordinary with easy to use interface with ability to track the historical data also for your car or kids

Multi Users Application

You can install as much as you can, and you can track your cars from the same interface at same time.One of the best GPS tracker available in market.


iTrust GPS system allows you to look back at a vehicle’s location and driver performance over time. For each real-time GPS tracker.

The ROI of GPS Tracking Improved Performance

Historically you had to rely on drivers to be honest about the way they spend their time in the field. If you have been in the fleet management business for a long time, you know how many labor Dirham have been wasted on long lunches, personal detours, and other behavior that contributes to inefficiency. However, modern technology has made it possible to monitor driver activities without breaking the bank. Fleet GPS allows you to:

  • Reduce overtime hours
  • Monitor driver locations
  • Track idling time
  • Create alerts around forbidden areas
  • Dispatch drivers more efficiently
  • Select smarter routes to reduce drive time
  • Optimize customer site visits
  • Verify time sheets
  • Reduce billing time for administrative staff
  • Run detailed reports on driver behavior
  • View quick analytics reports to compare activity over time


What Our Customers Think

We’re talking about having a fuel mileage bonus [and] a lot of different programs that we’d like to start. It gives us the opportunity for growth when it comes to offering something to the drivers.

Sumeesh Gren.

We covered half the cost for one year in savings through being more efficient on just one day of use. Security is great but this thing is saving us money, communication headaches and a lot of guess work.

Emad Alam.

It helps you avoid delays. It helps you find the shortest routes. It helps you find the quickest way to get [to your destination]; which in turn saves you fuel. It all goes hand-in-hand.

Rashed Mud.

Easy & Affordable GPS Tracking


Motorbike Tracker

Monitoring fuel consumption and lead time to reach the station

Vehicle Tracker

Our plug-in vehicle tracking device provides the easiest to install GPS tracking solution available

Asset Tracker

Are you looking to track and monitor truck trailers, construction equipment, rental equipment or other powered and non-powered types of equipment? Then iTrust GPS Asset Trackers are what you need.

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