What’s New About Dropbox

We all have credence in our stuff, especially, that stuff, which reflects what we are and introduced many good things in our life. So it’s pretty much sure that good things always happen when our stuff lives. And in this technical world where an image, documents, videos, slides speaks more than human it’s really indispensable to store such stuff and keep it safe. Dropbox is the exact place where you can keep your stuff undefiled. When it is about dropbox you can carry your documents anywhere at any time as well as access them at any time from any device because dropbox can be synced automatically to all your devices. You know what the best part of dropbox ,you can share a colossal file with anyone even if they don’t have a dropbox account so just don’t spend your money for wedding albums ,just shoot it and send it to everyone whom you want it to see , through a simple link. Memories are something which should be locked for ever and never let them to escape; with dropbox it’s possible to backup photos automatically from your phone or computer.

Dropbox for business

I think dropbox is best suited for those who carry fire on their heads; technically it means “business men”. Because with dropbox one can edit a presentation with team mates without sending emails back and forth and it is simply superb when if someone edits a file in a shared folder everyone gets the update automatically. And in this hurry burry world usually everyone forgets something in somewhere so need not to worry if you left your phone in train because dropbox acts as the “superman” there by saving your high-priced data, in your phone. The main point is dropbox for business is the secure file sharing and storage solution that employees love and IT admins trust.

What’s new???

            It is really stupendous that dropbox users can bookmark URLs to cloud storage. Isn’t that really cool? Just last week dropbox added Universal Second Factor Security key Authentication, which was something noteworthy. And now they have instigated a new function that allows user to save link in its cloud storage quickly and easily. And this is announced for its web interface as well as android and IOS mobile applications. If a user wants to save a link what they have to do is just click on the link and use the drag and drop system to save that link in their account, though the link is saved as an URL they can, for sure, open it in a new tab, which depends on them. And for android and IOS mobile applications dropbox works in a way similar to “Pocket app” because users can share the page to save it in their dropbox account. In short “saved pages” works as “bookmarks”, and definitely it is not addicted to certain browsers or computers so you can carry them anywhere. By this implementation, data of any format can be collocated into dropbox folders. If you a “database” lover no doubt that your second partner will be dropbox.

Negative Side

            Everything has its positive and negative sides. So dropbox too have its negative shade on this new functionality. After saving the link no thumbnail is seen for .url file and it is influenced more on IOS or Android based devices. And the second thing is that saved URLs have no descriptions which means users are utterly demented about “why I have saved this link?” Is it a tragedy? Because users are forced to memorize what is the purpose of link they have saved.

When it is about, to make a conclusion on dropbox, you people better try dropbox by installing it, you just need to click on this link to install it www.dropbox.com/install and conclude yourself by making my task much easier.

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