On page SEO

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Whenever you construct web pages surely you will love to have them at higher ranks on search result pages and this drive you to implement techniques that helps in ranking the pages you create because as higher the rank the more traffic your page is likely to get and that makes the web developer noteworthy in their field. SEO is generally classified into two categories on page SEO and off page SEO. On page SEO is about the entire thing that you can do “on” your website to rank it higher like, linking, descriptions etc. And off page SEO is about the entire thing that you can do “off” your website like blogging, social networking etc.

The article has its full concentration on “on page SEO”

On page SEO factors

Leverage SEO-friendly permalink URLS: it is fantastic when your URL is short and makes it noteworthy through the usage of rich keyword. So better avoid URLs that really look ugly and too long because it makes the user inconvenient to view the site and as well as remember it if the URL is too long.

Title plus keyword: title tag is given the higher priority as an on page SEO element because tile describes “why is this webpage for?” so it’s well clear that the pages that starts the title with a keyword is ranked higher than other pages.

Over power with multimedia: two critical user interaction ranking factors are bounce rate and the time on site. The addition of images, videos etc in your web page can reduce the bounce rate and increase the time on site. So now you got the importance of multimedia in your pages.

Inclusion of outbound links: it helps the google to figure out the topics of your pages as well as it signifies google that your pages contain quality info. Quality demands always than quantity.

Keywords: should appear in the first 100-150 words of the article because the placement of keywords in the beginning phases emphasises that your article are based on those keywords.

Headline tag: title always deserves the love of “h1”. It isn’t funny; it is true, so make sure that title is with H1 always.

Loadind speed: it is a predominant matter to be considered for page ranking. Because even me I love those pages that loads faster. So make sure to boost speed of your site by using CDN, through compressing images or by switching to faster hosting.

Modifiers: usage of modifiers even plays a good role in human life too (eg:good) so don’t forget to add them in your pages because it definitely helps in raising the rank of the page, because it results in a smooth user interaction.

SEO is all about the measures to make your page rank higher. Nothing more…

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